Group Under Salon: Making Public Paper Forest

Thursday, April 30th, 7:00 PM

Making Public Paper Forest

Adam Frezza & Terri Chiao in conversation with Group Under

Making Public Paper Forest presents a selection of comparative publishing methods from the practice of Adam Frezza & Terri Chiao.Thursday's event at the Bakery will highlight the variant formats that Adam & Terri use to document and publish their project Paper Forest. The accompanying discussion will identify the immersive qualities of each format and speculate future means of distribution.

Making Public Paper Forest is part of Group Under: Salon–a series of public installations with accompanying talks given on unrealized projects and works-in-progress. Topics have included typeface revivals, Yiddish literature, Greek philosophy and architecture typologies. The salons aim to provide an open platform for feedback, discussion and criticism.

Installations and discussions are arranged by Group Under and held at The Bakery, a gallery and studio space located 325 Rutledge Street, Williamsburg, NYC.

Free and open to the public.

Group Under Salon: Material Advantage

Join us on Wednesday, April 15th at 7PM for a discussion with Bakery cofounder Jason Kachadourian about a new concept for a curitorial collective that will operate out of the Bakery starting later this year.

We live our lives with objects that carry stories. The idea of comfort is rooted within these stories. Art, furniture, textiles and objects of design anchor us to the spaces that we choose to inhabit. Whether these objects were acquired long after having been coveted, obtained through travels or found on the street, we develop a familiarity with them. The quality of the bonds created with these objects varies depending on the role they have played in our lives.

 The nature of this bond is personal. That the bond exists is universal.

 The spaces that we inhabit become extensions of the person or people who inhabit them. Visitors to a lived in space will likely not know the narratives present within it, but will feel a certain level of comfort or discomfort as they absorb the energy of that space. The quality of the energy in a space is created by the collective interaction of the objects that an individual has chosen to place within it.

 Our Collective curates objects of art, furniture and design that are aligned with this notion of collective spatial energy.  We are less concerned with explaining the narratives behind each object than we are with how a particularly curated set of objects creates a particular energy within a moment of time.  The Collective strives to curate in a way that is accessible to everyday life, and relatable within its own environment. Just as we are a collective of individuals that make a whole, so too are the objects we are attracted to. The work of The Collective is not about the individual stories, but how the products of those stories are in relationship to one another, shifting, changing, and evolving. 

Group Under Salon: A Canoe

Artist / designer / woodworker Shengning Zhang talks with Ayham Ghraowi about his unfinished wooden canoe. The vessel will be displayed in a UHaul in front of The Bakery, with accompanying installation inside the space.

This is going to be a good one!

Thursday, October 30th from 7-9 PM

Hang Ten Heat Wave

The Bakery is pleased to present Hang Ten Heat Wave, a ten artist show curated by Bakery cofounder Jason Kachadourian.

Opening reception: Friday August 22nd

Matthew Fisher /////////// A Vagrant Harmony, 2014

Matthew Fisher /////////// A Vagrant Harmony, 2014

Greetings from Acapulco

The Bakery is pleased to present: Greetings from Acapulco 

A design exhibition inspired by folk art, modernism and tropical glamour.

Curated by Pablo Iriarte.


Opening reception: Friday, July 18th 7-10pm

Press release available here.